30% - 60% - 89%: Your daile extra on the rising bonus!
30% - 60% - 89%: Your daile extra on the rising bonus!
30 years ago, the wall came tumbeling down and germany got reunited. Lots of lovely girls from all the east came to the west and viceversa. A splendid reason to celebrate! For the next three days you get a new fantastic bonus every day! And each one is higher then the last.

30% extra coins on the 1st day

60% extra coins on the second day

and mega-hot
89% extra coins on the 3rd day

All you have to do to get the bonus is to get it for you and the next day you can expect an even better bonus!
Get your BONUS
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With our horny bonus scale you can expect a new Coinsbonus every day. As soon as you redeem a bonus, you will receive a new higher bonus the next day. You can secure a maximum of 89% extra coins on Sunday, 10.11.2019. This is also the last day this bonus applies.

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